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You know they say its a perfect 10...

18th June, 2005. 9:59 pm.

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22nd May, 2005. 8:56 pm. My mission in life

My new mission in life is to make bony pink look fat (by making myself smaller NOT by tampering with her on photoshop although that could be fun ;D) Unfortunately, if you see the pictures of bony pink in my gallery (link in one of the earier posts) this is going to be very difficult :P

Current Weight : Totally Embarassing
Heighest Weight : Almost same as current weight, just a bit lower
Lowest Weight : Twiggy standard, well just under
Goal Weight : Somewhat lower than usual due to recent weight gain (fuck fuck fuck 5lbs one week!!!)

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20th May, 2005. 6:06 pm.

You scored as A Too Lazy Faerie. You hate being active, and thats the way you like it. Waited on and totally pampered, looking beautiful without the effort. You like to watch the world circle around you and you're great for a long chat or long snooze. You prefer a more slow and peaceful way of living, but remember a little bit of exercise is good for your health, giving you more life for luxury ;-)

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A Too Lazy Faerie


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A Too Evil Faerie


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A Too Silly Faerie


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A Too Sporty Faerie


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20th May, 2005. 5:49 pm. Result

And so the final number read 111lbs.

Meaning - I lost 5lbs.

Current mood: so so.

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20th May, 2005. 11:23 am. Having Fun - Being Fat

Tum de tum de tum...

Going to hospital in approximately 5 hours time; so everyone can pry on the one thing I thought was mine to keep and only disclose to the those I would wish to have the knowledge (aka my weight lol.)
Have started a kind of - photobloggy - kind of thing; just posting general pictures of me and pictures of others which I like in it right now but might get down to making it nicer later.

It is however more on the 'bones' side of thinspiration (bar Twiggy =D)so those merely wanting to look 'slim' need not visit.


Also a strange fact I have found is that in the late 60s Twiggy was 91lbs and 5'6'' which strangely enough was my lowest weight.

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19th May, 2005. 5:12 pm.

I will dance between the raindrops
Walk the beach without a footprint
Be missed whilst I wait at bustops
Quando Sono Magro

I will slip through every plug hole
Be crushed by falling leaves
Be free of every fat roll
Quando Sono Magro

You will act as if to be 'kind',
You will act as if Im crazy,
I will act as if Im blind
Quando Sono Magro

You may force-feed me past December,
Force my weight into the sky,
But I will still remember
Quando Sono Magro

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6th May, 2005. 2:50 pm. Hmm

I AM -
[ ] anorexic (you get the picture I can never admit it)
[ ] bulimic
[ ] living off diet pills
[ ] hungry
[X] thirsty
[ ] drinking something
[going to be] under 100lbs
[better be] wanting to be "under-130-by christmas" (in 2 or 3 weeks)
[X] starving yourself
[ ] participating in a fast with other people(willing to go on another)

[X] ask if i'm anorexic/bulimic
[ ] call me fat
[ ] say i'm too skinny
[ ] say i'm ugly
[x] say i'm pretty
[X] spread rumors about me
[X] force me to eat
[X] say i eat too much
[X] wish i'd stop
[they think its all over] don't know i'm ana/mia

[X] i was THIN
[X] i had a better body
[X] i didn't have to eat
[X] i could controll myself
[already am...] i was under 120lbs
[X] i could avoid food
[X] i could hide what i am
[X] i wasnt fat
[X] i was pretty
[ ] i could stop

[x] feeling hungry
[X] seeing a difference when fasting
[x] shaking
[ ] being weak, becuase i know i'm losing weight
[X] losing weight
[X] being ana/mia
[X] green tea
[ ] diet pills
[x] being able to turn down food

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